We care about patient safety

For us, patient safety is about product integrity and security. As a wholesale distributor of medicinal products, we are licenced and regulated by the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Authority (MHRA) and hold a Wholesale Distribution Authorisation (WDA), along with a Good Distribution Practice (GDP) certificate. To continue to maintain this certification, quality assurance is vital in the supply chain and involves meticulous documentation, self-inspection, validity checks of suppliers and verification of our customers' qualifications to purchase medicines. Storage, fulfilment and transport providers must also meet rigorous standards, and be monitored and re-assessed regularly. This work involves the use of specialist external consultants, as well as our own quality assurance personnel.

Temperature control requirements alone involve specialised storage, including temperature control, regular mapping and calibration of temperature measurement probes. It also involves transport and packaging validation with particular consideration for extreme weather. Additionally, the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) requires specialised software and equipment to verify our products' integrity and authenticity against a central national database. This entails the individual scanning of every single item to check that it is genuine and has not been tampered with.

Traceability in the event of a product recall is crucial for the protection of the patient - this means product batch numbers and delivery records must be carefully maintained, and easily retrieved should the need arise in the future. To help us manage the rising costs of MHRA compliance and to enable us to continue to supply medicines without compromising patient safety, a medicines compliance surcharge applies to all orders containing medicines.

This means you can continue to safely treat your patients with the reassurance that all medicinal products supplied by Three-Sixty have been purchased, stored and delivered in accordance with our Wholesale Distribution Authorisation, maintenance of which is subject to regular inspections by the MHRA.

Medicinal products can be identified on this website by checking for the 'MHRA Classification' tab on the product page, beneath the image.